Number of Ashrams - 17 in All over India // Number of Prabhuji(Inmates) residing in all Ashrams - 2700+ // Volunteers-200+ Sewasathi(staff) -370+ // Members involved in services directly or indirectly - 100000+ // Pick centres directly involved - 29 samities and 60 helplines. // Total per day exp - More than 3.50 lacs.

Apna Ghar Ashrams

There are homeless,helpless persons facing very critical phase of life and waiting for help and support to serve these person ApnaGhar Ashrams are runing by the organisationin in Seventeen major cities of india

Service of God( Prabhu Sewa)

Apna Ghar provide services to those persons which are found in helpless condition generally on railway station, Religious and public places in very unhygienic, critical diseased and painful condition.

Result of service & Worship

After recovery Apna Ghar rehabilitate them through various ways ,so that they may live a respectful social life


The Organisation has been recognised by state government,central government and public as under:
1.National Vyoshrest ashram 2009 by the central government.
2.Best NGO of Rajasthan in field of Service on 26 january 2009 by State Government .
3.Public Recognisation: The organisation is also recognised by public as worship place and huge number of people are coming to visit to ashram by bus or other vehicles from different village and cities of india.
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Public Recognition
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