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(Proposed Apna Ghar of 2,000 residential capacities under construction)

Apna Ghar, a home providing shelter and comfort for those most in need including the elderly, mentally challenged, physically disabled, ill, and invalid, is pleased to announce the construction of a new project, the Apna Ghar Ashram.
Banshi prakalp apna ghar located at a distance of 2km from the existing premises near Vanshi village is currently under construction and, once completed, will have a capacity of 2,000 inmates. The project is proposed to be completed in three phases over a period of five years. The first two phases will take 18 – 18 months and provide capacity for 600 each resident.
A unique ashram is constructing by the organization. This will be India’s first level ashram with the 2000 beds capacities and need based specification for inmates. We have made every effort to make it easy for anyone to be able to contribute to the trust, no matter ability to pay. Contribution can be made in number of bricks. It can be. 11/ 21/ 51/ 101/201. And any other building materials as per their capacity. Your suggestions improving our facilities are encouraged and welcomed. Together, with your support,
The building will comprise of a residential house, kitchen, offices, Seva Sangam, Satsang Bhawan, Seva Sathi Bhawan, a guest house, warehouse patients’s house, Bal Niketan, Gau Niketan, garage, laundry, rehabilitation centre, garden, lawn, and store.


In addition to separate houses for male and female inmates, we will build two separate homes for the elderly, mentally ill, and disabled, all according to their needs. For example, the mentally ill elderly will require an attached commode along with the bed. Whereas those elderly with some senility will stay in a common home, but have a separate store cell to keep their belongings. Healthy elderly people will have suitable lodging so they can look after themselves with some independence.

RESIDENTIAL BLOCKS-Mentally retarded

This home will provide facilities for the mentally sick. Seriously sick mental inmates who cannot care for themselves will have a climate controlled building and staff to help clean and care for them. Separate arrangements will be made for those mentally sick inmates who can care for themselves with some guidance, and those who would be able to help others.


Just as with the mentally ill, this home will also comprise of three categories. For those seriously ill, one house will be built with facilities such as fans, lights, switches, and windows that operate from outside so as to protect the inmates from harming themselves or the trust property. It will also contain of central duct system for air. As per required building will be made for mild and moderate persons.


Because food plays such an important role everybody’s life to make strong health and wealth. We have given careful thought in the design of the kitchen. Our kitchen will have four divisions. The first division will be for the elderly, children, and pregnant ladies. The second division will be for the mentally ill and other sick people. In the third kitchen, food will be given to the normal inhabitants at the Ashram according to their requirements and in fourth division as per required inmates.


This service centre home is for patients brought to the Ashram in critical condition and in the last stages of life. Along with providing the best treatment and specific service to them, efforts will also be made to reduce all pain and tears of their last journey, such as spiritual memorizing God's name and swallowing Tulsi and gangajal and other needs . This home will consist of fifty (50) beds.


This hospital also containing fifty beds, will provide treatment to seriously ill inmates of the Ashram before they can be transferred to their respective wards. Because this ward will be on the premises of the Ashram Hospital, it will allow patients to receive instant treatment and reduce the possibility of the spread of infection.


In addition to dormitories and wards, we also plan to construct a 1,000 people seater prayer hall to be be used for bhajans, kirtans, and other activities of the trust. Even when programmers are Not going on, the hall will be useful for the inmates for we plan to build it with a courtyard and a library.


For serving colleagues (Seva Sathi) residing at Apna Ghar, separate residential apartments of thirty capacities for males and twenty capacities for females will be built so that they are able to render better services.


This building will be constructed for anyone who wishes to donate their time or services. Whether they are staying individually or with their family, they will always find room at our Ashram. The building will accommodate ten individuals and ten couples.


Inmates housed at the Ashram will be encouraged to keep immune systems free from disease. With this in mind, we plan to provide a yoga and alternative medicine centre to prevent inmates with mild ailments from taking medicine unnecessarily if alternative cures are available. A physiotherapy centre will also be established as well.


A cow breeding centre will be maintained at the Ashram premises for the milk requirements of the residential inmates.


For the infected, aggressive, and mentally patients, eight isolation wards for male and female inmates will be built at the Ashram. This will help them to receive proper care and prevent other ashramites from inconvenience caused by them, as well as check the spread of disease.


After recovery, residing inmates who are able will receive training in various crafts. This will enable them to join the mainstream society by becoming self-dependent by getting jobs.


To keep costs down and food quality pure for the Ashramites, we are constructing a warehouse with a capacity 3,000 quintals for storing wheat with the setup of flour mill.


Upon being admitted, all patients will first come to this full facility. Here, they will be bathed, have their hair and nails cut, be dressed, and given first aid before entering the ward. These sangams will be separate for male and female inmates.


For infants and children up to the age of five, a fifty capacity dormitory will be built to see to their needs. For children ages six to eighteen, we will construct separate dormitories for boys and girls. These dormitories will include a charming garden, lawn, plantation area, and walking paths.

Ever waiting eagerly for your cooperation.


B.M. Bharadwaj

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